parking system

While nothing negates the driver’s need to first look over their shoulders

in both directions before engaging reverse, the frustrating task of parallel parking

will be made so much easier with Topnavis parking assist systems (PTS).

Topnavis has been manufacturing parking sensor since 2007.

With years of design, OEM/ODM and manufacturing experiences,

we are able to provide one-stop PTS sourcing to our customers,

no matter where your market is, and how different the car bumper shape and material is,

you will definitely find the PTS suitable for your market, we offer:

• Simple 2-4 sensor system,
• Front and rear sensor system with visual display,
• Wireless PTS,
• Digital sensor PTS,
• Camera PTS,
• Wireless PTS for commercial vehicles.
Also we can custom design a PTS for your market

Topnavis’s parking assist system is trendy, reliable,

easy to use and install, it also has different installation choices

to meet different customer’s need.

Most importantly, Topnavis’ PTS overcomes other PTS’ problems,

such as false warning and can not work properly in rough weather conditions etc.

Parking Assist System – PTS