Wirelss Rearview Safety System for Forklift

  • The camera has built-in battery, 720p high definition resolution
  • The unique structure design can be monitored by 360 degrees without dead angle
  • The base of the camera is equipped with powerful magnets, reinforced with magic stickers, and can be placed in any part of the car body without slipping
  • The superior night vision function can switch the night vision mode intelligently according to the change of light
  • Thoroughly solved the wiring trouble of special vehicles, convenient installation, and non professional personnel can also operate skillfully
  • The camera is waterproof, dust-proof, anti-seismic, high temperature resistant and anti-interference
  • There’s one way, 2 ways, 4 ways to choose 
Wirelss Rearview Safety System for Forklift

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