Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS to Support 6-46 Wheels TNS001T

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1.With big LCD screen,6-46 external sensors for option.
2.With repeater,could receiver the far away singal.
3.Light weight design for the sensor,no need to adjust to balance when the tire moving.
4.Monitoring the tempreature and pressure with high degree. accuracy, displa for 6-46 tires at the same time.
5.Save gas,forsee air leakage,reduce tire wearout,balance. tire pressure,ensure safety driving.
6.RF wireless technology,can auto-alarm,when tire pressure and temperature is abnrmal.
7.With two pressure unit”PSI,BAR ” and two temperature unit”ºC,ºF” for option.
8.Support tire position exchange function.
9.Sensor protection grade:IP67.
10. sensor measuring range:0-13 bar
11. Self matach the ID code, can select any tyre quantity 
12 .Reserving the RS232 COM port

Displayer Parameter:

Working Temperature:(-20ºC-85ºC)
Storage Temperature:(-20ºC-85ºC)
Input Voltage:DC9V-30V
Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz
Size( L*W*H )mm:90*90*20

Repeater Parameter:
Input Voltage:DC9V-30V
Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz

Sensor Parameter:
Working Temperature:(-20ºC-80ºC)
Storage Temperature:(-20ºC-80ºC)
Pressure Range:0-188.5psi(0-13bar)
Pressure Precision:±1.5PSI(±0.1bar)
Temperature Precision:±3ºC
Transmitting Power:<5dbm@50Ω
Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz
Battery Life:>5years

Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS to Support 6-46 Wheels TNS001T

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