Driver Fatigue Monitor for Cars TNF001

1. Passenger car driver fatigue monitor
2. Alert drivers upon detecting fatigue, such as Yawning, Head Lowering or 80% Eye Closing etc
3. Recognize most of the sunglasses
4. Effective DOF: 0.2~1.5m ( best range: 0.5~0.9m )
5. Adjustable viewing angle: 60°
6. BiBi alarm
7. Built-in IR LED light
8. Car charger: DC9V-DC32V
9. Shut off / turn on alarm sound by gesture  ( Palm: on / V: off )
10. Recognition accuracy exceeds 95%
11. With a sticky PU anti-slip pad, easy to Install
12. Real-Time facial capturing indicator

Driver Fatigue Monitor for Cars TNF001

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