360 Surround Bird View Monitoring AHD Camera TNC013T

Main features:
4 cameras, 0 blind spots
360 bird’s eye view
Seamless 360 image
Covers blind spots
Reduces collissions
Prevents collisions, saves lives
Spot and assess hazards
Assists manoeuvring
Eliminates blind spots

CPU:  T7

Working voltage : DC 9V~36V

Rated voltage : 12V DC

Rated current : <=600mA

Working temperature : -40~+85ºC

Storage temperature : -40~+95ºC

Operating humidity :  10 % ~ 95 %

Vision range : Front / Rear: 4m,  Left / Right :2m

Screen switching time : <0.5S

Video output format :  AHD

Start-up time : 5~8S

Hard switching start-up time : 400ms

Left / right extension cable length: 6M
Front extension cable length: 8M
Rear extension cable length: 15M
Other harness
Remark: Only Rear camera extension cable with corrugated pipe, the other extension cable without corrugated pipe

360 Surround Bird View Monitoring AHD Camera TNC013T

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