Universal 360 Degree Surround View Camera System with front view rearview left view right view 3D 1080P DVR Birdview Camera TN7003

Cameras Features :

  • 3D & 360° Seamless Merging
  • 360° Blind Spots Coverage
  • Dynamic & Intelligent View Angle Switching
  • Flexible Omni-directional Monitoring
  • Exclusive Fish-eye Distortion Correction
  • Guided Camera Calibration
Overall Features :
  • Seamless video merging based on dual core ARM CPU and hardware high efficiency acceleration engine
  • Arbitrary and dynamic 3D mode view angle switching for better surrounding environment observation
  • Independent Fish-eye calibration parameter and algorithm for each camera
  • Pixel statistic engine for brightness balance among four channels real-time outside camera
  • 3D video de-interlacing and noise reduction technology for CVBS signal decoding
  • Support alternative recording media for TF card and USB disk
  • The simplest calibration steps with calibration tape and packing box,and system applicable for almost all types of vehicle which including Buses, Trucks, Lorries, Limousines, Tank and even Jumb Jets. Typical length of the vehicle is 5.5m, 6.5m
  • Smart power managements to save automobile’s battery
  • High video recording resolution up to 1080p
  • OE quality for main chipset with well protected circuit and devices in order to achieve the best system performance and stability
Optional Function:
A. Driving Video Recording
B. 24 Hour Parking Monitoring
C. G-sensor Triggered Recording
D. Visual Radar Extension
Video Recording Functions:
1. Press “Mode” button to switch to recording system menu
2. Press the “OK” button to stop current recording
3. Using “Up/Down” button to navigate between recorded files as per date and timeline
4. Press “Confirm” button again if the current recording file is just the right one you want to playback,
    and you can enlarge any of the 4 cameras to full screen mode by pressing left /right/up/down Button
Tech Parameters :
  • Video Interface:  Mini plug connector
  • Input/Output Impedance:  75 Ohm
  • Amplitude:  Typical 1 Vpp, 1.2Vpp Maximum
  • Bandwidth: 8MHz
  • Video Sampling Frequency: 13.5MHz
  • Differential Phase (DP):  <0.8° TYP
  • Differential Gain (GP):  <3%TYP
  • SNR: 70db
  • Indicator Lamp High Beam:  Optional
  • Left/Right Turning Blinker: Yes
  • Reversing Lamp: Yes
  • G-Sensor: BM250E Bosch
  • Compression: H.264 Basellne at L3.1
  • Monitor Compatibility: RCA (Not Compatible With HDMI)
  • Resolution: 720p at  30fps
  • Bitrate:  5Mbps, 2Gbyte/Hour
  • Recording Media:  USB Disk(High Priority)/TF
  • Disk Capacity:  TF CARD: 64G SDl03.0/SDl02.0 USB Disk: 256G USB2.0
  • Power Comsumption:  4-CH DVR + SVM mode – 350mA | 4-CH DVR mode – 180mA | Sleep Mode <1 OmA
  • Dimension:  L *W*H – 123*81 *25mm (Host Metal box )
  • Working Temperature:  -30°C ~ +85 °C

Package :

  • 1x host
  • 1x right camera + right extend cable
  • 1x left camera + left extend cable
  • 1x front camera + front extend cable
  • 1x rear camera + rear extend cable
  • 1xmain wire harness
  • 1xIR receiver
  • 1xdriller bi1xremote controller
  • 1xEnglish user manual
  • 1xcalibration tape
Universal 360 Degree Surround View Camera System with front view rearview left view right view 3D 1080P DVR Birdview Camera TN7003

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